ROWLAND 6 Short Trailer

By Michele Hairston©2013

ROWLAND 6, is a short film about 6 Hip Hop Dancer who uses this art-form as a way to express, display and create a positive dance movement in their Junior High School. Using the Element of Breaking, these young children wanted to create a documentary and shared with the world about their movement in Rowland Elementary School in the Harrisburg School District. Here is the trailer  ENJOY!!!!

Filmed by

Executive Producer -Bboy Rightous (8th Grade)

Videographer-Popping Tyme-Out ( 7th Grade) 

Videographer/ Co Producer-Bboy Confuzion- (8th Grade)

Videographer -Bboy Reeboxz (6th Grade)

Written By -Bboy South Syde (8th Grade)

Edit By Ms. MIchele 


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