Who is RED?


October 20th- October 26th


Who is Red Da Lert? some called him this name because of his strong resemblance of Legendary Kool Dj Red Alert in his younger years . Elijah Ellis, one of the longest member of the Universal Zulu Nation youngest chapter called Zulu Bratz , Band Major for the Harrisburg Cougar Marching Band & Drum Line, Singer, amazing Photographer and a Dedicated member of the Shalom Pentecost Church of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. 

Red has many talents which he plays 7 different instruments. When he was in the 8th grade Red became one of the youngest member  to be apart of the  Harrisburg Cougars (High School) Drum line and been dedicated for 5 years . In 2005 Elijah was voted in the Zulu Bratz chapter by all votes, he later became the President of the Ahki Chapter of 73 and help organize positive event “Stop The Violence”, “Hip Hop Against Violence” and Stop the Bully Tour in the city of Harrisburg. Elijah is currently helping his chapter to put on the “Hip Hop Against Violence Tour” with the help of his Chapter and the nephew of Late Jam Master Jay ( Run DMC). 

Elijah is a activist on speaking out about staying away from Drugs and Alcohol, and being productive by doing something  he loves , and loving God first. This Senior of the Harrisburg School District have kept a very respectful ,Productive and busy life helping children in the Harrisburg City Schools on teaching Dance with his crew mate Harrisburg City Breakers. 

Elijah, keep up the good work as a mentor, leader and very intelligent young men.  Im very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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