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A dedicated Bboy who believe in the culture is a live saver especially for his generation. Rugz Rattz, The Younest Bboy in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, a member of the Universal Zulu Nation Youth Chapter called Zulu Bratz, Harrisburg City Breakers bboy crew and a very energetic 12-year-old youth. His bboy career started by watching his sister and brothers enter competition, doing street battles and watching his favorite bboy Gravity from 5 Dynasty crew. His first competition was a street battle in Harrisburg Pennsylvania against another city called York Pennsylvania who were Bboys as well. He took the initiative to jump in the battle to show his skills.

He studied the culture and was trained by his sister BGirl Sassie and Brother Lil Mikey Ice who is in the same crew as him. As time went on  Rugz Rattz travel up and down the east coast battling different crews from all over the world. He been in International Bboy competition to regular Street battles. He battle infamous crews such as Rock Steady Crew, The Bronx Boys , HBO Crew, and more. On his off time Rugz Rattz goes into the schools and teach other youth his age how to dance.

In 2013, Rugz Rattz along with his Chapter and Bboy Crew will be touring with the Hip Hop Against Violence Movement to different schools to display their talent and speak to the youth about the overwhelming crimes that is going on in the Black and Latino community. He said he want to be a voice for his generation and be a good example and lead by his word.

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