Ms. Michele Hip Hip Class with Zulu Bratz

I love my Hip Hop Dance Class with the Zulu Bratz ,Using Hip Hop Dance as a way of improving social skills , decrease behavior problem and improvement on Attendance in the school setting, using the Element of Breaking, Popping, Locking , Dubset and All Style as a way to teach this group of 4th-6th graders a better way of life. Giving the students an outlet and to distract their everyday struggles .

Marshall Elementary School in Harrisburg City Schools (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)

2 thoughts on “Ms. Michele Hip Hip Class with Zulu Bratz

  1. Peace queen . Much love and respects to you …the zulu bratz and the whole uzn family. Its always wonderful to see workshops dealing with the KIDS

    1. B DJ JR LEVELS thank you for supporting, we have been doing workshops in the schools for years, The children love seeing the Zulu Bratz come in and teach them the Art of dance,

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