1st Grade Hip Hop Class

Hip Hop Class with 1st Graders in the Harrisburg School District (Graffiti Art) 

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Scott Elementary School (Harrisburg Pennsylvania) 


My Hip Hop Class was full of Energetic First Graders who was interesting in the History of Hip Hop Culture. One of the Elements that interested these 1st Graders is Graffiti Art because of the color’s and it represented the alphabets as it allow the students to be more interested in this activity. Showing these 6-7 year Historic Photos from the book Wild Style which the book was given to myself and Harrisburg City Breakers as a gift from Charlie Ahearn the creator of the documentary gives these students a visual of the historical structure of the Art from Old Graffiti Trains, and Walls in the 70’s of the South Bronx.






Giving the 1st Grade students the opportunity to create their own style of Graffiti Art using the words Hip Hop, their name or Class room number help them learn that Graffiti Art are words incorporating into art. 

Photos By:Malik Parham



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