Immortal Technique By Kiana

Immortal Technique By: Kiana Delacruz 
6th Grade Marshall School 
Harrisburg School District 

“Realize that we are one, regardless of our birthplace.”










Immortal Technique is a Hip Hop Activist from Peru, but raised in Harlem New York City. His Birth name is Felipe Andre Coronel. Immortal Technique is apart of the Guerrilla Republik, Universal Zulu Nation and also sign to Viper Records.

Immortal Technique is an Revolutionary Hip Hop Artist who started his career as a teenager. He would record himself and sell his songs in front of different stores but mainly Fat Beat. He have songs that represent what is going on in the world. He expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as struggles, Socialism, Poverty, Religion, Goverment and institutional racism. Immortal Technique also build an orphanage with his own money in Afghanistan. Immortal Technique want to change the world through his music and tell people the truth on what is going on in the world. 


By: Kiana Delacruz (Hip Hop 101)