Raz Simone by Tashawn Kelly

Raz Simone By: Tyshawn Kelly
7th Grader Camp Curtin School 
Harrisburg School District (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)
Hip Hop 101 Education Class

“My influences are my life experiences” 









Raz Simone is a Hip Hop Artist from Seattle Washington who started his career as a poet. Raz Simone never listen to music until he was order. He founded his entertainment company called Black Umbrella which he Produced, Graphic Design, Direct Music Videos through his company and have employees who help him work in his company.

Mr. Raz Simone is apart of 300 a record label founded by Kevin Liles ,Lyon Cohn and Todd Miscowitz. 300 is distribute through Atlantic Records and Raz Simone is the first artist to be sign with them. Raz Simone rap about life and struggle using powerful words mixing it with poetry. Last summer Raz Simone went on a 58 city tour across the country with other Hip Hop Artist. 

What I have learned about Raz Simone is he is very powerful and I learn to be my own boss and independent. I learned I can build my own business in a positive way and help other with employment. 

Here is Raz Simone Interview on MTV




By Tashawn Kelly (Hip Hop 101 History Class)