The Philosophy of an Emcee lost it element due to mainstream music but there are some who is willing to break this stereotype for their generation. Meet Mc. Candy (10 Years Old Emcee) Amya Roxxstar (13 Years Old Emcee, Model) and Dj Glo (10 Years old Emcee, Producer & Dj) who are killing the culture with there Lyrical Ambition and Creative word Pattern .While others are rapping about Cars, Money and Drugs ,the 3 Hip Hop Princess enlighten their audiences and fans on Self Productiveness, Straighten , Education and Self Motivation through their music. Not only the Emcee’s promote fashion like other artists however these young ladies are more focus on keeping it tasteful and age appropriate. 


Today’s Female Artist are told to be less Powerful, Dominate, limitation of their words as well creative ideas who is viewed as B’s and H*es. Many Female Emcees discuss how they walked away from million dollar contracts to become successful and independent. The Phenomenal Female Emcees like Rapsody, Sa Roc, Soul Flower, Narubi Selah, Rah Digga, Lauryn Hill, Bahamadia, Jean Grae , Missy Elliott and Heather B who rebelled against the forces to educate our young girls to be Powerful, have a voice and continue the cycle for the generation after them.

Dj Glo, the youngest member of Lords of the Underground and the daughter of Dj Lord Jazz who was brought up in this culture and groomed by Red Man, Doitall, Mr Funky and other Great Emcees traveled with the LOTUG and the back up Dj for the group. The Paris France Emcee is a Producer, Break Dancer, and a Dj who multi-task as she performs at her event. Amya Roxxstar who is a Model and Youth Ambassador who traveled to many cities and gain a large fan base who shared the stage with many famous Pop & Rap Artist. The New Jersey native enjoy giving back to her community and look for ways to help others. Mc Candy another New Jersey native had performed in many shows and created a young audience who mother is her “Hype-Girl” and share the stage with many famous Rap Artist in the New Jersey and New York Area. Candy and Amya Roxxstar share the stage with the legendary Malika Love who Dj their performances in New Jersey this pass March. These creative humbled Emcees put their Education first. The young ladies come up with their own concept, creativeness, but more important to created music for their young audience to enjoyed. 

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Thank to the Mother of Hip Hop Pebblee Poo the first Female Emcee and Zulu Queen Pepsi of the Zulu Nation. Thanks to the legendary Roxanne Shante, Mc Lyte, Us Girls (Sha Rock, Lisa Lee and Debbie Dee,) Lady B, Malika Love, Sequence, Salt-N-Pepa, Lin Que (Isis),Sister Souljah ,Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Finesse and Synquis, Sweet Tee, Oaktown 357, YoYo, Lady of Rage, and the Earlier Emcees who was demanded their place in Hip Hop and shared the stage with other Hip Hop Legends and Pioneers. 

If you want to see more of the Young Emcee’s Please go to their Facebook and Website. 

Mc Candy

Amya Roxxstar 
Dj Glo