Hip Hop Quiz for the OldHeads

1. Percee P battle Lord Finesse on July 13, 19________

2. Busy B battled Kool Moe Dee at the _________________1981.
a. PAL
c.Harlem World
d.Cedrick Park

3. Lady B, the Mother of Pennsylvania Hip Hop Movement is the first to aired on which Radio Station __________?
a. Wamo 100.1FM
b. Power 99FM
c. KYW 1060AM
d. 1340AM

3. Grand Master Caz used to go by ________________?
a. Casanova Flav
b. Casanova Flex
c. Casanova Caz
d. Casanova Fly

4. The First Tag Writers was from_____________?
a. Philadelphia Pa
b. South Bronx NY
c. Brooklyn NY
d. Manhattan NY

5. Before NWA, Dr. Dre joined the group “World Class Wreckin Cru” under what independent label?
a. Creation Records
b. RCA
c. Kru-Cut Records
d. Black Emperor

6. The First Emcee sign on Def Jam Records________________
a. LL Cool J.
b. Run-DMC
c. T-La Rock
d. Fat Boys

7. The First Emcee sign to a major (Mercury) record label?
a. Sugar Hill Gang
b. Kurtis Blow
c. Kool Moe Dee
d. Crash Crew

8. True/False
Rock Steady Crew Battled the Dynamic Rockers in 1984.

9. Hip Hop Artist joined together on ______________ to Boycott Grammy’s.
a. March 6, 1989
b. February 22,1989
c. September 16,1989
d. October 3,1989

10. The Beastie Boys was formed on 19______
a. July 1982
b. July 1981
c. July 1980
d. July 1983