Hip Hop Brain Break

Hip Hop Brain Break!
Michele Hairston©

1.Name 11 States that shares two time zone?

2.How many states begins with the letter M?

3.How many states are located in the central time Zone?

4.Name 4 Commonwealth States?

5.What country is located in middle of the Earth located?
A. Jerusalem
B. Ghana
C. Ecuador
D. California

6.True/ False (3)
• New York City is located on the Atlantic Ocean.
• The Statue of Liberty is located in New York City.

7. Certain cities in North Alaska there are 6 Month of Darkness in the
a. Summer Months
b. Spring Months
c. Winter Months
d. Fall Months

8. During the dark period Months the Sun Rise and Sun Set;
c. 10:30am-1:30pm

9. The state of Texas is the largest in the United State ,which states is the smallest ?

10. True/False
The Mason Dixon line is located between Delaware and Maryland.