The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew 41th Anniversary

Calling All B-Boys, B-Girls and Rockers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew 41th Anniversary
October 8,2016
1125 Grand Concourse
South Bronx, New York

TBB/TBG ROCKING CREW is a global organization consisting of B-boys, B-Girls, Graffiti writers, Emcees, DJs, Educators, Activists, Students, Parents, and so much more. We represent the roots of Hip-Hop. Our main method of expression is the dance and our crew has created a legacy of innovation and creation that has stood strong for 40 years. Our members have contributed to the foundation of Rocking and we are one of the cornerstones of Hip-Hop Culture. -TBB/TBG