Hip Hop Debate (Harrisburg PA)

COMING 2017 The question is who's right or wrong? Everyone opinion matters but the question is who have the actual facts? Hip Hop Debate Part 1 will feature a panelist of Young and Older Hip Hop Artist of all elements who have different views on the state of Hip Hop and the language of todays¬†Artist. … Continue reading Hip Hop Debate (Harrisburg PA)

The 90’s Comeback

  His style is vintage 1980's/1990's hip hop. He decided to bring this style back because he believes that the style was more created than it was bought. Jalen believes that a style should be more "created" and not "bought" meaning that anybody can buy something and just wear it but it's not their own … Continue reading The 90’s Comeback

Meet Zuhn Madison

He was the little kid that wanted to join the cypher and show off his lyrical skills.¬†His love for music and passion for Hip Hop was reserved for him because he was determined and consistent to earn his spot. Zuhn Madison, a Harlem based Rap Artist, the nephew of the Late Jam Master Jay (RUN … Continue reading Meet Zuhn Madison