Meet Zuhn Madison

13315390_148528735561931_1100984275664154256_nHe was the little kid that wanted to join the cypher and show off his lyrical skills. His love for music and passion for Hip Hop was reserved for him because he was determined and consistent to earn his spot.

Zuhn Madison, a Harlem based Rap Artist, the nephew of the Late Jam Master Jay (RUN DMC) and the founder of AMG started his career at age of 12 .At 14, Zuhn Madison released his first mixtape called “The Best Coming” ,at 16, released “Grindtime” and with the support of his fans it help gained positive notoriety and independent streets sales.

In 2016, Madison released a couple of singles called “AMG Wining”, “Menace to Society”, “No Apologies”,and “Lit Tonight”. In 2017, He dropped his single called “UP” and released his video for the song.

Zuhn Madison stated in his interview ” I want to collab with Artist all around the world”. Madison believe he is the voice of his generation,understand the struggles and want to teach other to fight to be heard.

To hear more of Zuhn Madison
Go to his soundcloud account (ZUHN MADISON)