The NYC Graffiti visitors and events center will Featured ” Video Music Box 30″ of Ralph McDaniels

The NYC Graffiti visitors and events center will host the "Video Music Box 30" featuring Ralph McDaniel on Friday June 22, 2018 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. This event is to support the 2018 Graffiti Hall of Fame Art & Music Festival. The donate of 30.00 is requested. For additional information please email  

9 Elements of Hip Hop Kulture

  9 Elements of Hip Hop Kulture  (1) Breakin (2) Emceein (3) Graffiti Art (4) Deejayin (5) Beat Boxin (6) Fashion (7) Language (8) Knowledge (9) Entrepreneurialism- in a way that challenges the public's current perceptions of these Hip Hop Elements. Temple of Hip Hop/ Hip Hop Appreciation Week May 18th- May 24th 2015 

1st Grade Hip Hop Class

Hip Hop Class with 1st Graders in the Harrisburg School District (Graffiti Art)      Scott Elementary School (Harrisburg Pennsylvania)  My Hip Hop Class was full of Energetic First Graders who was interesting in the History of Hip Hop Culture. One of the Elements that interested these 1st Graders is Graffiti Art because of the … Continue reading 1st Grade Hip Hop Class